Benefits of Hiring a Remote HubSpot Customer Support Manager

Many businesses have chosen HubSpot as their CRM and that’s a step in the right direction for providing good customer support. However, for your CRM to be effective you still require great HubSpot customer support agents. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a remote HubSpot support manager.

benefits of hiring hubspot customer support agent
  • Lower your expenses: the salary for a remote customer service representative will generally be significantly less than hiring a local in-house employee with an equivalent level of skills and experience. However, your savings doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of associated expenses when you hire in-house staff like recruiting, training, office space, equipment and other costs that are eliminated when you hire remotely.
  • Improve customer support response time: a HubSpot remote customer support team won’t be tied to regular office hours. Your remote team will be able to offer HubSpot support 24/7 every day of the year to ensure your customers get a quick response to their inquiries and requests.
  • HubSpot CRM technical expertise: a HubSpot customer support specialist will be familiar with the HubSpot CRM as well as many of the integrations that might be employed. No training will be required and they will know how to make the best use of all the CRM features.
  • Provide better coverage: with a remote team your business will be able to offer HubSpot support services to your customers across multiple channels like live chat, social media, email, phone and others making it easier to get the help they need.

Roles and responsibilities of HubSpot Customer Service Specialist

The primary purpose of a HubSpot customer service agent is to handle customer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible in a professional manner. Customer support can begin well before a product is ever purchased such as responding to inquiries about a product or providing information on pricing and customer service basically never ends.  The roles and responsibilities of the HubSpot CRM customer service specialist fall into 3 broad categories which are all related.

hubspot customer support specialists services

Customer Services

These are the services everybody thinks of when you talk about customer support. Responding to customer inquiries, resolving customer issues and complaints, taking orders, tracking deliveries and a variety of other tasks make up customer services. The specialist will communicate with customers across a variety of channels to resolve any issues to the customer’s satisfaction.

Customer Care

Customer care relates to how well customer support services are delivered. A HubSpot customer care specialist will not only resolve customer issues but do so in a manner that demonstrates your business truly cares about providing an outstanding customer service experience. Customers appreciate being appreciated. When agents’ interactions with your clients show that they care about resolving the issues they have, customers recognize and respond to this. Good customer care agents are attentive when listening to customers so they can determine exactly what the issue is and the customer’s expectations regarding the outcome, and then provide the best solution. Customer care is about taking the extra step to provide the best possible customer service experience

Customer Retention

Customer retention is about turning a 1-time buyer into a loyal customer for life. A HubSpot customer retention specialist does this by providing an exceptional customer experience. They can use the tracking and analysis features of the CRM to provide a more personalized experience. Eliciting customer feedback through surveys and other methods to identify areas for improvement, follow-up after a sale or customer issue, client onboarding and other methods are employed to provide a great customer experience that will keep customers coming back to your business.

Services a Dedicated HubSpot Support Team Can Provide

A dedicated remote HubSpot support team can provide your business with a wide variety of support services. Here are some of the major customer services a team of HubSpot specialists can provide.

Client Onboarding

The client onboarding process will vary depending on the company. A HubSpot client onboarding specialist can customize the onboarding process to suit the particular needs of your business. Some of the onboarding tasks that may be implemented include sending personalized emails to new clients, assisting clients with product setup, providing a walk-through and training for the product, checking in with clients from time to time, providing information about updates to the product and informing them of new products. 

Order Management

HubSpot integrates with a wide variety of order management software like Katana, Zoey and many others depending on your specific needs.  The HubSpot order management agent will be familiar with the available integrations and how to use them. From taking the initial order to the successful delivery of the product they will track the package and provide location updates to the customer on request. They can also arrange for product shipment and any other tasks associated with customer orders.

Inventory and Invoice Management

Inventory management and order invoice in HubSpot will require knowledge of HubSpot as well as the available inventory and invoice integrations. Although an invoice can be created in HubSpot, invoice management will require that you integrate with Xero, Zoho or one of the other invoice integrations. The HubSpot specialist will be familiar with what is available so that they can send invoices to clients as well as payment reminders and track hours and expenses for services provided. Likewise, HubSpot doesn’t have their own native inventory solution but can be integrated with a variety of software such as NetSuite and Xero. Using the best inventory integration, specialists can track inventory in real-time, update your inventory and provide accurate inventory reports among other things. 

Project Management

The HubSpot CRM and project management tool allow projects to be managed from a centralized location. The HubSpot CRM task management specialist can create projects using pre-populated templates or create their own project templates. They will be able to assign tasks to different team members and check on task status. With the specialist’s use of the project management tool productivity will be improved and tasks will be organized to ensure high priority orders are completed and delivered on time.

hire hubspot customer care agent in ukraine

Our Company’s Role in Finding and Hiring Top HubSpot Support Specialists for Your Business

We are a Ukraine-based company that assists businesses with building HubSpot customer support teams. With our access to a large pool of skilled and experienced HubSpot specialists, we can quickly locate the agents with the qualifications and industry experience you require. Every specialist we hire is thoroughly vetted by us to verify their qualifications to ensure they can provide the services that you need. The specialists will all have extensive experience working with the HubSpot CRM and the expertise to make the best use of all the features and integrations it offers.

To make sure that the HubSpot customer care representatives we hire for you meet all of your requirements we follow a strict recruiting and hiring procedure. The following are the steps in our HubSpot customer service specialist hiring process:

  1. Complete the inquiry form and we will email you back to arrange an initial discussion.
  2. Our expert will discuss your customer service requirements: we communicate with you via your preferred channel to establish the specific HubSpot customer service you need.
  3. Shortlist creation: the resumes of the best qualified HubSpot customer service agents that match your requirements are forwarded to you for review.
  4. Talk with your selected candidates: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates. You may also administer a test to assist you in your final decision if you prefer.
  5. Final steps: we establish a workflow and determine a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed, everything is set and ready to go.

In addition to being a HubSpot customer service provider, we also offer assistance with building Zendesk customer support teams. 

To provide first-rate support to your customers contact us to learn more about setting up a strong HubSpot customer support team!

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