Services That Your Customer Care Agent Can Provide Once Hired

Good customer service is essential to a business that wants to be competitive in today’s marketplace. The quality of support you provide your customers helps differentiate you from your competitors and directly affects how your customers perceive your company and your brand. We provide customer care as a service using skilled and professional agents. The following are the services that staff we hire for our clients can provide.

Customer Services

Customer service encompasses the support provided to your customers both before and after they purchase your product or service. A virtual customer service team hired through our company can provide support and assistance to your customers and potential customers through multiple channels such as telephone, email, live chat, social media and others. 

For potential customers this could include answering basic questions about the product and providing product information and pricing. Much of customer service involves helping existing customers deal with a variety of issues. Our customer support helpdesk will provide information to customers, answer questions regarding the product and billing, handle complaints and assist the customer in resolving any problem or issue they have. This could be as simple as a remote customer service representative providing basic information on how to use a particular product or how to change their password. 

Customer service can also deal with more complex issues such as how to get a broken part replaced or incorrect billing. The virtual customer service we provide will ensure that the majority of issues that your customers have will be quickly and effectively resolved to their satisfaction.

Customer Care Services

Customer care can be thought of as an extension of customer service. It is how well the customer is taken care of when they interact with your company or brand. While fast and effective service is good, customer care is about going the extra step and demonstrating to the customer that you actually care about them by providing a customer service experience that exceeds their expectations. 

A customer care agent from our company knows how to provide an exceptional customer service experience. They are trained to listen closely to customers and determine their needs so they can properly assess the issue and provide the best solution. Good customer care isn’t just about solving problems as quickly as possible. Customers want to know that you appreciate them and really care about resolving their problem and any virtual customer care professional we provide knows this. They will provide the highest quality service possible so that it reflects well on your brand and helps to retain customer loyalty.

Customer Retention Services

customer retention is the process of getting customers to keep buying your products and turning them into loyal repeat customers rather than having them switch to one of your competitors. It can be anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one according to an article in the Harvard Business Review, which is why you should consider a customer care team retention center. 

Our customer retention outsourcing service will work with you to develop a retention strategy. Customer retention begins with good customer care service delivered quickly to create a good brand impression with consumers. A customer retention & sales representative will also interact with customers on multiple channels so that the customer can communicate via the method they prefer. Additional services a customer retention agent we hire can offer include personalized communications with customers, getting feedback of their experience with your company through surveys and keeping customers apprised of new product developments.

Customer Support through CRM/Ticketing Systems

Сustomer relationship management (CRM) is software designed to help businesses manage their relationships and interactions with customers. A CRM will typically offer a variety of features such as email tracking, messaging and live chat, reporting and analytics and a ticketing system among others. Ticketing systems provide a way for customer service teams to catalog and process service requests and monitor them until they are resolved. The following are some of the CRM/ticketing systems our customer service agents have used.

Dedicated Customer Care Team: Expertise in Diverse CRM/Ticketing Systems 

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM customer support system offers many features including a ticketing system. We provide agents who can be contacted through live chat, web form or email as well as through Twitter and Facebook using the Zoho ticketing system. Zoho Desk provides multichannel support that allows customers to contact agents and for them to respond quickly to their needs. In addition they can offer telephone support that includes call routing, voicemail and automated ticket creation. Hired staff can also support self-service knowledge base, workflow automation, branding customization, contextual AI, APIs and SDKs and data analysis. We also offer experts that can help with Zoho Desk connections with other Zoho platforms and supporting integration with Slack, Salesforce and various other project management and email platforms.

Microsoft CRM

Hired staff can help with Microsoft Dynamics 365 including Microsoft CRM customer service and support as well as using its help desk ticketing system. Ticket management includes automatic ticket creation for problems and requests submitted via web, email, phone calls, email and other channels. This automatic ticket routing assigns tickets to agents or queues based on predefined instructions allowing you to provide appropriate responses through your qualified staff. Provided staff can also update the knowledge base, and articles in the knowledge base can be translated to supported languages. They can also use the analytics and reporting features for gathering and analyzing customer feedback to provide better insights for your business.


Zendesk support is part of the Zendesk suite and we can provide you with experts in using the ticketing solution for customer service. This system offers multichannel support from many sources including social media channels. Hired experts understand the features of Zendesk customer support including macros which allow predetermined responses to common problems, ticket filtering based on certain criteria and ticket collaboration when an issue requires more than a single agent. Zendesk also comes with pre-built integrations for over 1000 apps that you can use with the system. Hired staff use the system to predict customer satisfaction within each ticket given enough data, which provides better insights for those agents and helps them to understand what works improving your relationships with those customers.


We can find you Sprout Social experts for managing customer relationships on social media platforms. Although Sprout Social customer service is geared towards social media we can find you experts that can help you with integrating this system with many others such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Hubspot and Zendesk. With this integration, information from incoming social messages from Sprout Social can be passed to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and messages can be forwarded to customer support teams through Zendesk or Hubspot to generate service tickets automatically. Bidirectional communication between Sprout Social and Hubspot or Zendesk is possible using the skill sets of the agents we provide you.


Our Hootsuite experts allow you to manage all your social media accounts in one place. They understand the offered features including social media post scheduling, social media monitoring across multiple platforms, social media analytics, team collaboration and customer service. Hootsuite customer service allows your agents to track mentions of your brand, measure response time and respond to mentions and inquiries. For more robust customer service, our Hootsuite experts can  integrate it with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to better monitor customer service tickets.


Slack is a communication tool for the workplace that focuses on people talking to each other through group chat or direct message. It can be used by our experts to become an excellent tool for customer service. One of the best things about Slack is that our hired staff can help you to integrate it with over 1500 apps. While it doesn’t have its own CRM, our experts can easily integrate other tools like Zendesk and Freshdesk to get the Slack customer service functionality you need. With the help of our experts it acts as a hub where you can bring together all the customer service and other tools you need.


For smaller businesses, Freshdesk customer support is a good option that we can provide agents to work with. It comes with all the necessary support features that can be accessed in one place. Our agents can help with ticket management, social ticketing, team collaboration and reporting functions. Communication is made easier with the contact management hub where customer contacts are associated with tickets. Tickets can be filtered based on different criteria and your agents will be able to offer multichannel support via email, social media, chat and website. The experts can monitor metrics from team dashboards to improve company responses. They can also help you to fully customize Freshdesk to better meet your requirements.

Help Scout

We provide experts that know how to use Help Scout for smaller teams, through to supporting teams of over 500 users. They know how to make full use of the available knowledge base and adaptable ticket management tools, shared email, reports and more. They also know how to leverage additional Help Scout customer service features including template responses, customizable branding, ticket routing and prioritization, rule-based automation, analytics, and collaboration tools. They offer multichannel communication support and can help with integration with a broad range of tools, making it easy to work with your data bases and current customer channels. Slack, Hubspot and Salesforce are among the integrations available using the staff we find.


TeamSupport is designed specifically to meet the needs of companies that serve B2B technology customers across multiple channels and we have access to agents that can use its power to improve your business. They can useTeamSupport customer management to assist in lowering ticket volume by using reporting features to analyze the underlying cause of issues and track tickets to identify trends. They make use of the system features including customizable ticket management, automated ticket and workflows, custom branding, knowledge base management and more. Tools you may already use like Hubspot CRM, Slack and Microsoft Dynamics can be integrated with TeamSupport using their skills.


We can provide you with proven experts with Hubspot Help Desk. They know how to use Hubspot customer service tools to allow all members of a support team to log customer support tickets on one dashboard. Experts fully understand how to prioritize tickets and track them through the process. They can ensure that a ticket is automatically created when a customer sends an email, contacts customer service by live chat or fills out a form with each ticket being linked to customer records so agents will be aware of past interactions. They can also leverage ticket analytics to track team performance and identify any problem areas. Our provided experts are also able to integrate a range of other tools with Hubspot.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Care Services

It has become a common practice for businesses in many industries to outsource customer care services rather than building an in-house team. Here are some of the advantages of customer care outsourcing that will benefit your company.

  • Large talent pool: your company gains access to a much larger talent pool when you outsource customer services. Hiring locally can take time and there may be a shortage of qualified talent to fill positions. By outsourcing you can recruit experienced and skilled service agents from all over the world.
  • Superior coverage: an outsourced customer service team will be able to provide support across multiple channels including email, phone, live chat and social media making it easier for customers to get the help they need.
  • Improved response time: a remote customer care team can be on the job 24/7 and thus can respond to inquiries, complaints and other issues quickly, which reflects favorably on your company and brand.
  • Less expensive: salaries for outsourced customer care reps are typically significantly lower than the salaries of agents hired locally. Associated costs like office space, equipment, training and other expenses will be eliminated as well.
  • Flexibility: your customer service staffing requirements can change for a number of reasons including an expanding business or increased volume due to the season. A remote team can easily adapt to these changes and be scaled up or down as required.

How we work

How Our Customer Care Outsourcing Works

Our process for recruiting customer care agents for your team is simple yet effective.

Determine your requirements

We talk to you through the channel you prefer to establish your specific customer care service needs.

Candidate Selection

The resumes of the best qualified customer care agents matching your requirements are forwarded to you for your review.

Hold Interviews

You conduct interviews of your preferred candidates and may administer a test to assist you in your final decision.

Final Preparations

We establish a workflow and settle on a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed, everything is set and ready to go.

Skilled Agents with Experience

We only hire experienced customer service agents with exceptional skills. Every agent’s qualifications are verified by us to ensure you only get the best.

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Our customer care agents have proven experience providing high quality customer services in diverse industries. You can depend on the team we hire for you.

Great Value for Your Money

Our salaries are competitive and much less than those in Western Europe and North America. Costs such as office space, training and equipment are assumed by us.

Customized Services

Every company has different needs and requirements. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs instead of only offering a one-size fits all solution.

Why Us

How We Stand Out Among Other Customer Care Services Providers

Many companies offer customer service outsourcing but we stand out from other providers for a number of reasons.

Reasons to Choose Ukraine as a Customer Service Outsourcing Destination

In recent years CSaS has become more common, with Ukraine becoming a popular destination for outsourcing customer services. Some of the reasons for choosing Ukraine as an outsourcing destination for customer service include:

  • Convenient location: the time difference between Ukraine and most of Western Europe is only 1 hour. In addition, working hours in Ukraine and parts of North America overlap making it easy to schedule meetings with team management or contact your customer service team when necessary.
  • Multiple languages: a majority of Ukrainian professionals are fluent in English. Many of them are also proficient in other languages as well which can be beneficial when providing customer services in several countries.
  • Large and skilled talent pool: there are many good colleges and Universities in Ukraine that produce graduates in many different fields.
  • Familiar culture: in Ukraine the work culture is similar to that in much of Europe and North America. Sharing the same work values makes it easy to find agents who are a good fit with your company.
  • Less expensive: salaries in Ukraine are much lower than those in Western Europe and North America for the same level of skill and experience.

To provide high-quality support and create customer loyalty contact us to learn more about building a dedicated team of customer care agents!

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