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Freshdesk CRM is a customer support platform that focuses specifically on customer engagement allowing you to provide outstanding customer support to your clients. It consists of a helpdesk, messaging center and call center all in one. 

Freshdesk multi-channel support lets you communicate with clients and open customer support tickets from chat, your website, phone, and email all in one place. Its skill-based assignment feature allows you to auto-assign tickets to specific agents that have the skills to handle that particular order. For a client services manager, Freshdesk enables them to review and track unresolved tickets, unassigned tickets, tickets due today, overdue tickets and tickets on hold. With Freshdesk you will be able to streamline your customer support process and provide a better level of service.

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Freshdesk Customer Support Specialists: Ways to Hire Top Pros

Freshdesk is a great platform for providing customer support. However, to make the best use of the CRM features you will need a team of Freshdesk customer support specialists. There are three main ways to find top professionals for your Freshdesk online support help center.

  • In-house staff: you can advertise for local in-house customer service agents on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. However, finding a Freshdesk support agent in your local area that has the qualifications you require can take a good deal of time and may be expensive. There is a chance you will have to train new hires if you can find local talent with the skills you need.
  • Freelancers:: hiring freelancers gives you access to customer support agents from all over the world. This is usually the most inexpensive option. You can find Freshdesk support agents on sites like Upwork, and many others. While you can find good freelance customer service agents, it can be difficult to verify freelancer’s credentials and you will have little control.
  • Outsourcing/outstaffing companies:: hiring a Freshdesk remote support team through an outsourcing provider gives you a team of specialists that possess the skills you need including experience working with the Freshdesk platform. The cost of a remote team will be substantially less than hiring locally and you will have full control of your team.

While each method of hiring Freshdesk support agents has its advantages, hiring specialists through an outsourcing service is the most effective option.

Freshdesk Customer Service Outsourcing: How Your Company Will Benefit

Outsourcing Freshdesk customer service provides many benefits to your business. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing Freshdesk customer support.

  • :Improved response time: a remote Freshdesk customer support team can provide services 24/7 so that your clients can get assistance even after office hours. Having support agents always available means faster response times.
  • Hire agents faster: outsourcing providers have a ready pool of talent to draw from. They can quickly find and hire qualified support agents with the skills and experience you need.
  • Experienced Freshdesk specialists: the agents you hire will already have experience working with the Freshdesk platform. They will have the knowledge and expertise to make full use of the CRM features.
  • Reduction in customer support costs: salaries for Freshdesk support agents will be less than if you hire in-house. You will also eliminate expenses like training, recruiting fees, office space, equipment and other related costs.

5 Reasons to Partner with Our Company to Hire Skilled Freshdesk Customer Service Managers 

We are a customer service outsourcing provider that can help you hire Freshdesk customer service managers for your support team. Here are 5 reasons to partner with us to hire Freshdesk customer support specialists.

reasons to partner with our freshdesk customer service provider
  1. Top customer support specialists: we have a large pool of skilled and experienced Freshdesk support specialists we can draw from. All of our specialists go through a strict screening process to verify their qualification to ensure only the best agents are hired.
  2. Adapt to your needs: customer service volume can fluctuate due to the season or other reasons. Teams can be scaled up or down based on your demands. We also tailor teams to meet your specific requirements. Agents can be hired on a part-time, full-time or per-project basis. Specialists are available 24/7.
  3. Multilingual agents: our agents are fluent English speakers. However we also can provide agents that speak other languages as well if requested.
  4. Transparent: we believe in full transparency when dealing with clients. There are no hidden costs or fees and you will be kept updated on your teams activities.
  5. Cost effective: our service is affordable and very competitively priced. Salaries for Freshdesk agents we hire are substantially less than in Western Europe and North America and expenses like office space, equipment and others are assumed by us.

In addition to Freshdesk outsourcing services we can also help you build a Zoho customer support team.

Services Provided By Freshdesk Remote Support Staff We Hire for Our Clients

The Freshdesk support staff we hire for clients can provide a wide variety of services.

  • Live chat support: live chat is a critical communications channel for your business. According to one survey 92% of customers feel satisfied when using live chat compared to other communication options. Freshdesk live chat support specialists can answer customer questions, provide product information, handle customer complaints and resolve issues. All customer interactions are entered into the system by the agent.
  • Phone support: Freshdesk phone support is available through their Contact Center. Using Freshdesk Contact Center specialists can handle incoming calls from over 90 countries and all calls are automatically recorded and transcribed. Agents can also switch a phone call to live chat if the customer prefers.
  • Feedback management: with Freshdesk feedback a client retention specialist can collect feedback from your website, portal or any third party web page. Information gathered can be used to improve customer support. Freshdesk feedback also allows customers to submit tickets to your helpdesk.
  • Order management: With the Freshdesk order management native application support specialists can schedule jobs, monitor and track work orders and update the status and priority of requests. Customer orders can be managed through a variety of different integrations. 

To improve your customer service, contact us and learn more about how to set up a strong Freshdesk customer support team!

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