Zendesk Customer Support Outsourcing: Why Go For It?

Providing great customer support is essential to your business’s success. There are some distinct advantages to be gained when you outsource Zendesk customer support. Here are a few of the reasons why you should outsource Zendesk customer service.

reasons for zendesk support outsourcing
  • Skilled and experienced specialists: with Zendesk support outsourcing you gain skilled specialists who already possess experience with Zendesk CRM. They have the expertise to take full advantage of all the features the CRM offers to ensure you customers receive the best support possible.
  • Less time to hire: you will be able to recruit and hire a Zendesk remote support team much faster than an in-house team. Outsourcing companies have access to a large pool of qualified agents so it won’t take long to find and hire the specialists you need.
  • Easy to scale teams: customer support volume can change due to the season or for a number of other reasons. An outsourced Zendesk support team can be easily scaled up or down based on the volume of work that you have. 
  • Faster response time: your Zendesk customer service team can provide around the clock support 24/7 which means they can quickly respond to any customer inquiries or issues.
  • Lower expenses: the salary for an outsourced virtual customer care professional will be less than that of an in-house agent. In addition certain costs like training, office space, equipment, insurance and other related expenses will be eliminated resulting in considerable savings.

How We Can Help You Build or Add to Your Zendesk Customer Service Team

We are a Ukraine-based Zendesk customer support team provider with the capability to help your business build a dedicated remote customer service team. With our access to a large pool of skilled and experienced Zendesk customer care specialists, we can quickly find and hire specialists with the qualifications you require. 

The specialists we recruit come from diverse industries and all candidates go through a stringent screening process to verify their qualifications and experience. Every specialist we recruit for you will be well versed in all aspects and features of the Zendesk CRM to ensure a streamlined and efficient customer support process.

Zendesk Customer Support and Customer Care Services Specialist We Hire

The specialists we recruit for your Zendesk support team can provide your business with a wide range of services. The following are some of the major services they can provide.

zendesk customer support services we provide

Customer Support through Diverse Channels

The Zendesk helpdesk agents recruited can provide customer support services for your company through multiple channels and multi-lingual support is available:

  • Phone support: Zendesk phone support agents we hire will respond to customer inquiries, provide product information, handle customer complaints as well as generate support tickets for customer issues.
  • Live chat support: skilled Zendesk live chat support specialists will be available to your customers 24/7 to respond to questions, provide assistance and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. 
  • Email support: customer email correspondence will be dealt with by experienced Zendesk email support specialists. From answering simple inquiries to resolving customer complaints and providing technical support to opening support tickets and escalating issues when necessary, the agents hired can provide all of your email support needs.
  • Other channels: social media support and SMS support are also available

Order Management

A Zendesk order management specialist can manage orders from all channels in one location. Tasks include generating orders, managing the shipping process, updating inventory, tracking shipments and creating workflows based on product availability, geography and shipping costs.

Invoice Management

Managing invoices is the responsibility of the Zendesk invoice support specialist. They will generate and send detailed professional invoices to customers, dispatch payment reminders and handle all other invoice management tasks

Sales Pipeline Management

Pipeline management is the tracking of leads through the entire sales process. A Zendesk CRM pipeline management specialist begins by identifying the source of leads. Leads then go through a qualification process to evaluate how likely it is they will become a paying customer. Qualified leads proceed to the quotation and product pitch stage, then to closure where a sale will be won or lost. By tracking the lead through each stage, sales personnel know where they are in the process and the next step to take which is useful when dealing with multiple clients.

Customer Retention

Customer retention can definitely affect your company’s profits. According to a paper from Bain and Company a 5% increase in customer retention produces over a 25% increase in profit. A Zendesk customer retention specialist will use the CRM features to provide personalized customer experiences, get customer feedback through surveys and other methods and provide a good onboarding experience and more to improve customer retention rates for your company

Client Onboarding

Zendesk client onboarding specialist you hire can tailor your onboarding process to fit your business. They will implement and monitor a variety of onboarding tasks that may include sending welcome emails to new clients, helping clients with product setup, providing training, informing clients of product updates and more.

build zendesk remote support team in ukraine

Zendesk Customer Care Specialists vs. In-House Teams vs. Freelancers

A business has three main options for providing Zendesk customer care services: hire remote Zendesk specialist through an outsourcing company, hiring in-house staff or hiring freelancers. The following table provides a side-by-side comparison of your three options.

CriteriaRemote Zendesk Customer Support SpecialistsIn-House TeamFreelancers
PriceLess expensive than in-house teams. Salaries are generally less and expenses like office space and equipment eliminated.Higher salaries and additional expenses like recruiting, training, office space and others are incurredTypically the least expensive option with the lowest salaries
Talent PoolLarge pool of qualified and experienced specialists to draw fromSmaller pool of talent to draw from. Some training likely to be requiredLarge talent pool but hard to verify qualifications and experience
Speed of HiringFast time to hire qualified specialists. Can usually assemble a team and have them working within weeksHiring process can take a long time as difficult to find skilled and experienced agentsTime to hire can vary. Difficult to assemble a full team
ProductivityIf a team member is lost, can be quickly replaced with little or no loss in productivityLoss of employee can disrupt operations, money and time must be spent to recruit and train replacementCould experience disruption in operations depending on the availability of qualified freelancer
CommunicationYou have a good deal of control over your team but can experience delays due to differences in time zonesDaily face-to-face communications with in-house staff provide more control over your team.Less control over specialists. Difficult to verify time dedicated to your project 
ScalabilityTeam can be scaled up or down easily. You only pay for work providedDifficult to scale your team. May be paying idle staff during slow periodsScaling up a team can be inconsistent. You only pay for work provided

While each option has its advantages, hiring a remote Zendesk customer care team provides the most benefits.

Our Process for Hiring Zendesk Customer Service Specialists

We have a standard procedure for recruiting and hiring Zendesk support specialists that we have found to produce good results. The following are basic steps in our hiring process.

  1. Opening discussions: we communicate with you via your preferred channel to establish your specific Zendesk customer service needs.
  2. We match candidates to your needs: the resumes of the best qualified Zendesk support agents matching your requirements are forwarded to you for review.
  3. Interviews are held: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates. You may also administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  4. Hiring: we establish a workflow and determine a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed, everything is set and ready to go.

In addition to offering Zendesk outsourcing services, we also provide assistance with building PipeDrive customer support teams.

For outstanding support services contact us to learn more about how to set up a strong Zendesk customer support team!

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