PipeDrive Customer Service and Troubleshooting

PipeDrive is a CRM that focuses on the sales pipeline. It can be used to track leads through the entire sales process from beginning to end for a more streamlined and efficient process. The PipeDrive sales management CRM enables you to analyze and troubleshoot your sales pipeline to identify problems in your sales process. In addition, PipeDrive customer support is available through a variety of native applications and customer support integrations. A PipeDrive support specialist can respond to customer inquiries and resolve customer issues by taking advantage of all the CRM features.

5 Signs You Need to Extend Your PipeDrive Customer Support Team with Remote Specialists

Problems with your customer support can creep up on you and you may not realize something is an issue until it’s too late. Here are 5 signs that you should consider extending your PipeDrive customer service team.

when you need to extend pipedrive customer support team
  1. Slow response time: when your customer support team isn’t responding to customer inquiries and complaints quickly enough it is a good sign that you need to extend your team. One of the major keys to good customer service is a fast response time.
  2. Complaints aren’t getting resolved: a lot of open customer support tickets is a good indication that the volume of work is too much for you customer support team as it currently exists, and that more agents need to be added.
  3. Customers aren’t returning: good customer retention is essential to a business. If you find fewer customers are returning to make purchases than usual and you are losing clients to competitors you need to extend your support team.
  4. Falling behind on core tasks: if tasks in other areas of your business are not getting completed because your staff is busy providing customer support, you need to add agents to your support team.
  5. Your business is expanding: a growing business is a good thing but you will need to extend your customer support team to keep up with your company’s expansion so you can still maintain high quality customer support.

Top Destinations for PipeDrive Customer Support Outsourcing

There are many countries you can turn to for PipeDrive customer support outsourcing. Here are the top destinations for outsourcing PipeDrive customer service.

  • Ukraine: Ukraine has been gaining in popularity as an outsourcing destination for several years. In 2017 they were named as UKs offshoring destination of the year. Lower wages and a well educated populace make them a good choice.
  • Philippines: one of the leading customer support outsourcing destinations is the Philippines due to low-cost labor and a large number of college graduates in the industry.
  • India: another popular customer support outsourcing destination is India with their low-cost labor and excellent IT infrastructure.
  • Brazil: with their proximity to North America and tech industry Brazil has also become an outsourcing destination of choice for many countries.
  • Poland: as with a number of other countries, Poland’s IT industry has led to them also being a good outsourcing destination for customer support services.

How Our Company Assists With Recruiting PipeDrive Customer Care Agents

We are a Ukrainian PipeDrive customer service provider that can help you hire specialists for your customer care team. Access to a large pool of skilled customer service specialists with PipeDrive CRM experience enables us to locate and hire the agents you need to extend or build a PipeDrive support team.

Customer service specialists we recruit come from diverse industries and all have extensive experience with the PipeDrive CRM. We have a thorough screening process to verify candidates’ qualifications to ensure they meet the requirements you specify. With their skills and experience, you will be able to make full use of the PipeDrive CRM features to provide exceptional support services to your customers.

In addition to PipeDrive recruiting, we can also assist you with building a Salesforce customer support team.

Services PipeDrive Customer Support Specialists We Hire Can Provide For Clients

The PipeDrive customer support specialists we hire for you can provide a variety of services. Here are some of the services specialists we recruit can provide.

pipedrive customer service services we provide

Post Sales Support

Post sales support is any support that follows a sale. A PipeDrive and post-sales support specialist can handle any customer issues following a sale. These can include PipeDrive tech support for customers, handling customer issues, product training, product upgrade offers and support for warranty service. PipeDrive post sale customer service can improve you customer retention rate

Phone Support

A PipeDrive phone support specialist can respond to customer inquiries, handle customer issues including opening support tickets, providing solutions to problems and escalating issues when necessary.

Live Chat Support

From responding to basic questions to providing technical support and resolving customer issues, a PipeDrive chat support specialist can handle any customer support contacts via the live chat channel

Help Desk Services

Consolidate all your customer support channels including chat, phone and email support with the assistance of a PipeDrive help desk specialist

Client Onboarding

Your PipeDrive client onboarding process can be implemented and monitored by the specialists you hire. A customer retention team will provide the appropriate services for your product/service including welcome emails, product setup, training, information on upgrades and new features and other services to ensure an exceptional customer experience.

build pipedrive customer support in ukraine

Our Procedure for Recruiting PipeDrive Customer Service Specialists

The procedures we follow when recruiting and hiring PipeDrive CRM support specialists have proven effective in providing our clients with superior customer service agents. These are the steps in our hiring process.

  1. Complete the inquiry form on our site and we will get right back to you to begin the process.
  2. We talk with you: we communicate with you via your preferred channel to establish your specific PipeDrive customer service needs.
  3. We hunt for matching candidates: the resumes of the best qualified PipeDrive support agents matching your requirements are forwarded to you for review.
  4. Review for best match and conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates. You may also administer a test to assist you in your final decision.
  5. Final steps: we establish a workflow and determine a starting date. Once the service agreement is signed, everything is set and ready to go.

For better customer service contact us and learn more about how to set up a strong PipeDrive customer support team!

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